Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta

Costing the US economy over 2 Billion in damages, Hurricane delta significantly damaged hundreds of thousands of homes and left thousands of Americans homeless. If your home was affected by hurricane delta and have significant damage, Water Floods Restoration will deal directly with your insurance company and start the Restoration Process immediately to prevent further damage to your home. Water Flood Restoration is actively helping home owners affected by Hurricane Delta in the State of Louisiana.

What must be done after significant or heavy damage to your home has been caused by a storm, flooding or water damage?

1.Secure all family members and pets from walking under damaged roofs, next to damaged walls or into flooded areas of your home.

2.Call 877-557-4005 for immediate assistance from Water Floods Restoration as cleanup, tarping and reparations efforts must begin immediately to prevent further damage to your home.

3.Roofs, damaged walls and windows must be covered with tarps immediately.

4.Water Removal and Drying efforts must begin after all water filtration sources have been taken care of. Drying efforts may take up to 5 days depending on the amount of water and size of the areas affected.

5.Once all the affected areas have been dried, The restoration process can start.

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