Hot Water Heater Bursts

Here are the 4 steps to take if your water heater bursts:

First, Stop the Water!

By locating the cold water supply pipe on your unit this leads to the main water line into the top of the water heater.

Next, Shut Off the Power!

When the tank bursts the heating element within poses a fire hazard to your home or business if it continues to run without water surrounding it.

Now, call Water Floods Restoration 877-557-4005

At times like this you want experts with the proper equipment and knowledge to make sure the area is completely dry. If it isn’t dried completely and fast, this causes mold and bacteria to grow.

And last, make sure you call your insurance agent!

Contact your insurance agent to make a claim. Don’t throw away that hot water tank as an insurance adjuster will need to see it to determine the cause of the burst, and whether the company will pay for damages.

For immediate assistance, call now 877-557-4005