Toilet Overflow Emergency

If your toilet is overflowing we can send immediate help by calling 877-557-4005.

Causes of a Toilet Overflow: Cleaning Up an Overflowing Toilet and How to Prevent Future Toilet Problems

A backup prevents water and waste from flowing down the drain and resulting in your toilet overflowing. If this is not cleaned up quickly, it may cause extensive water damage to your bathroom floor or even leak through the ceiling below. Other causes of overflowing toilets are sewage backups, septic tank issues, low flow toilets, and malfunctioning plumbing.


Although most toilet overflows are caused by some type of clog, plumbing malfunctions, sewer line issues, and problems with septic systems may also be the cause of the overflow.

Clogged Toilet Bowl

Avoid flushing diapers, sanitary products, paper towels, or any solid items. Side note, while so-call flushable wipes imply they are safe to flush down the toilet, they are actually one of the biggest causes of clogs.

Improperly Working Septic System

If you have a septic system, an overflowing toilet may be a sign of a full tank or other major issue.


When it comes to cleaning up you want start by stopping the flow of water first. Then work on removing sitting water and cleaning up waste. You should also avoid using all plumbing until you have identify the cause of the backed up toilet. This includes all toilets, sinks, bathtubs, shower, and laundry machines.

1. Turn Off The Water

The first thing to do is stop the flow of water, even if the cause of the toilet overflow isn’t related to the water supply line.

2. Use the Plunger on Your Toilet

Most toilet clogs occur in the toilet bowl or trap. Plungers are one of the most effective tools for resolving these issues.

If there is a significant amount of water on the floor, momentarily skip ahead to step 4 and return once the damage is under control.

3. Use a Toilet Auger or Drain Snake

In some cases, this will break up the clog enough that it will flow away from the toilet towards the sewers.


Depending on the volume of wastewater overflowing from the toilet, it may take time for signs of damage to appear on your ceiling.

While you can try to clean up this damage on your own, it’s probably best to contact Water Floods Restoration 877-557-4005


The best way to prevent a toilet overflow is to only flush toilet paper and human waste down the drain. Keeping a trash can in the bathroom for all other items, including baby wipes, diapers, soap, facial tissue, paper, fabric, and sanitary products is probably for the best.